​Amy Nicole Broadbent     Soprano


"Singing with consummate poise, limpid clarity, and faultless intonation, she took off where the dreamy introduction from cellist Doug Poplin left off. When sung like this, placid and centered in a gently undulating tempo, the Ode is a showstopper. No less impressive and in a similar vein was Broadbent’s duet with Colin St-Martin on the dulcet traverso in “The soft complaining Flute.” ...all in all this was a performance to be treasured."

- Charles T. Downey, Washington Classical Review

(Link: "Soprano Broadbent brings “celestial sound” to Bach Consort opener")




"Soprano Amy Nicole Broadbent was the best of the solo quartet, all four of whom also doubled  with their colleagues in the choral pieces... in the aria “Hört, ihr Völker, Gottes Stimme”–performed without a conductor due to its light trio scoring–her plummy legato sound was matched by clarity of tone and intonation."


- Charles T. Downey, Washington Classical Review


"...with strong playing from the consort and some colorful singing from bit players, including members of the local chorus Cathedra; Katie Baughman and Amy Broadbent almost stole the show as the maniacally laughing witches." 


- Anne Midgette, The Washington Post

  ("Finally, words and music find true consort in opera-play mash-up")


"Soprano Amy Broadbent impressed in her solo during the Gloria movement with a very pure tone and lovely legato...."

- Alison Kaufman, The Register-Guard


"There were some fine, stylish performances... from Amy Broadbent as Josephine, the captain’s daughter in love with a sailor well beneath her station..."

- Joan Reinthaler, The Washington Post


"Broadbent, the very picture of an ingénue, is as sharp and clear as a crystal as she soars through 'Sorry her lot.'"

- Katie Bogdan, DC Metro Theater Arts 

  ("Review: ‘H.M.S. Pinafore’ at Victorian Lyric Opera Company")


"Amy Broadbent’s lovely soprano voice was perfect for her role as Josephine" 

Jacqueline Melendezon, Maryland Theater Guide

  ("Opera Review: ‘H.M.S. Pinafore’ by The Victorian Lyric Opera Company")

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